1. drivingincarswithpocketsquares:

    25K Giveaway - Day 2

    First off, congratulations to ahbilashtalkies for winning yesterday’s giveaway!

    As a thank you to everyone who has so graciously followed and supported this blog, I’d like to do a week of giveaways. Each day you’ll have the opportunity to win (at least) one featured square, so keep an eye on this blog for updates.

    To refresh:

    Rules are simple:

    1) Be one of the first 25 to re-blog this post (only guy to reblog? you win!);

    2) Be randomly selected by me*; and

    3) Respond to my private message with your name and address (all information will be deleted once the square is sent)**.

    That’s it. So long as you live in the US*** I will ship this square out to you free of charge with no restrictions. Wear it, burn it, trade it, sell it - it’s yours. 

    Today’s square features red and blue dots on a light green background, with light blue trim and hand-rolled edges. Depending on how you wear it this color scheme will take you right through Fall.

    Good luck!

    *Only one winner per Tumblr account (you’re done, abhilashtalkies!).

    **Please remember to have the “ask” or fan mail function enabled on your blog so I can contact you, otherwise I will have to move on and pick a new winner

    ***Live outside the States? feel free to participate, if you win and want the square just pay for shipping at whatever level you prefer.

  2. lnsee:

    Jakes details today

  4. thestudenttailor:

    A beautifully tailored Norfolk jacket. The real deal.

  5. thestudenttailor:

    A stunning teal tweed three piece. The combination of a modern cut which is nonetheless influenced by 30s style; with its double breasted waistcoat, natural shoulders and peaked lapels, as well as a traditional tweed cloth is very interesting.

  6. shibumi-berlin:

    The History of Paisley

    Before the design arrived in contemporary menswear it had to take quite the long journey: originally from Persia, the motif became popular in India from where it was imported by British colonialists in the 17th century. Queen Victoria liked it so much she started a whole paisley trend.

    The problem with the imported paisley cloth (used mainly for scarfs) was that it was very expensive nsive. So printers in Europe started copying the design locally, in Britain especially in and around the Scottish town Paisley; that’s where its modern name comes from.

    At first, these prints were of low quality, not comparable to the richness of the originals, but the process was refined over time; today, the most traditional technique is to screen print on silk, wool and various mixtures.

    This is also the technique we use for our pocket squares and ties. In our upcoming fall/winter collection, we will have a nice assortment of pocket squares, ties and scarfs in various paisley patterns: rich browns and blues on cream wool; real ancient madder ties in glorious blues and reds; warm brown on gold for scarfs.


  7. Work flow 7/28/14

  8. guerreisms:

    Double Breasted.

    First featured on GQ Japan.jp.
    Filippo Matera, Lino Ieluzzi, Riccardo Vigano

    (via theartofthegentleman)

  10. handmadebrogues:

    Oxford & Loafer